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Recipe: White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake

I was first given this recipe by a friend's mother when I visited her a few years ago - but without the raspberries.  Feel free to leave them out, or use a different fruit (mandarin or lemon rind works well too).  This isn't a dish for someone trying to keep a trim waistline - a real treat!  Totally fool proof as you don't need to do any baking - and requires no scales or measuring.  Worth making the night before to allow the mix to hold and stand in shape.


For the cheesecake mix:
. 3 100g packs of supermarket brand white chocolate (recommend Sainsburys)
. 1 300g tub of Philadelphia cheese (light or full fat)
. 1 250g tub of Mascarpone cheese
. 1 250g tub of Creme Fraiche (light or full fat)
. 1 punnet of Raspberries, or one tin (fresh is better)

For the base:
. 1 small pack of digestive biscuits (branded or supermarket's own)
. Two tablespoons of butter

Preparation time:
25 minutes

Cooking time:
0 minutes


First, heat the white chocolate in the microwave - careful not to burn it (add a little water) and then stir to make a bit-less consistency.  Pour the Creme Fraiche into a large mixing bowl, and gently stir in the white chocolate - don't panic if it gets a bit runny, it will change when it cools and you add the cheese.

Next, stir in the cheeses - tablespoon at a time to ensure you have no bits. Once done - taste (yummy) and add whatever else you want to the mix.  Don't be tempted to use an electric mixer unless you are stuck for time as it can over blend the mix and make it runnier, which is harder to get to hold shape (you'll need to give it more time in the fridge when prepared).  Don't add the raspberries just yet - put the bowl in the fridge to help it start setting.  Now, the base!

Get your butter, recommend 2 tablespoons worth and put it into the microwave for 20 seconds so it goes very runny.  Take 2 plastic bags and put one inside the other, to stop crumbs making it through the holes!  Put your biscuits in the bag and get a rolling pin - and bash away (!!) until you have a fine bag of crumbs.

Take your cake tin (ideally one with removable sides) and tip your biscuit crumbs into the base - you choose how much as you can decide how thick you want the base to be.  Pour the butter into the tin and with your fingers and hands, press the mix together and push the mix around the bottom of the tin until you have an equally spread base.  

If you have the time, allow the base to cool before doing the next step - when the base has cooled; Take out your cheese cake mix from the fridge and fold in your raspberries (recommend draining them first) gently so that every portion would have some in... Now spoon in in the mix on top of the cake tin, and once filled gently spread your mixing spoon over the top to create an appealing top!  I sometimes put dried raspberry pieces on the top - you could also shave some white chocolate on the top.

Allow the cake at least 3 hours to cool (ideally overnight) - put it in the fridge - and then serve!  Enjoy!

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