Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Review: The Salt House, Abbey Road NW8

Ooooh our first review!  For those of you who read our sister blog South Molton St Style, you will know that I recently got a new job to start in early November.  Seemed only fitting to go out and demolish some tasty grub as a 'well done me!'  So the boyfriend and I decided to get a taxi in the opposite direction to normal, and head away from town rather than further in - we've been meaning to try The Salt House for a while.

We booked it through toptable.com who had mixed reviews of the place - but overall in concluded that the food was pretty good, the photos of the place were a little exaggerated and the service sometimes left something to be desired.  To be honest, those fifteen-odd words some the place up pretty accurately.

You arrive through the pub entrance, which even on a Tuesday evening was very busy.  There aren't any signs to the restaurant so you have to rely on a member of staff helping you, which is where it gets odd; despite there being 3 wandering waiters, no one said hello so we had to make the introduction - not the best of starts.  With no apology we were taken through the dining room, which is where things got a lot better.

Quaint and cosy, with around 15 tables the dining room is really quite nice.  The menus were, to quote the boyfriend 'fantastic' - ticking the boxes for anyone who likes solid gastro pub food.  We both had the Salt and Pepper Squid to start (tasty, shame there wasn't more of it but for £7 you can't complain).  Squid was well cooked, batter was yummy - would have liked the squid to be thicker cut but that's just because I've come back from Miami recently where their pieces are inches thick!

For mains I had the fish and chips (cannot complain at all, it was fantastic and everything you want from the traditional dish - even the mushy peas were perfectly salted) and boyfriend had the Fish of the Day, which wasn't specified but lets say it was monkfish as it was white and meaty!  Vegetables were slightly soggy and a little cold - but the fish was cooked to perfection.

We went without dessert as we were stuffed - but overall this place is good.  Service lets it down, waited a few minutes more than noticeable for each course and we had to remind the waiter for our drinks. I'd imagine it would get packed up on a weekend as during our mid week visit they were fully booked and a queue had formed when we left.  Certainly one of the best in the area... whether it beats The Clifton Hotel around the corner I'm not sure...  We'll let you know!  Pricing wise, the bill was £58.00 including 4 gin and tonics (hiccup and headache the next morning). We say: go and try it out, very enjoyable as long as you have the time to wait for your food to come.

So, overall our survey says: 

Style: 7 
Service: 6 
Pricing: 8
Taste: 8
Fun Factor: 6

Total: 35/50

Book here: The Salt House - 63 Abbey Road, NW8 0AE, 0207 328 6626

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