Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Review: Amoul's, Formosa St W9

Letting you in to a big secret now - this is my ultimate local hideaway, a hidden gem!  Anyone who lives nearby will already know it, us locals like to keep it that way - but now that I've started a food blog I couldn't possibly not write about this wonderful eaterie on Formosa St, Little Venice.

This Lebanese restaurant cooks all of it's own food to owner Amoul's specification.  The starter menu is a fabulous mix of pomegranate salads, (amazing) onion soup and falafel mixed plates.  Main courses range from Moussaka and fresh fish of the day dishes - but the all-star favourite is their Poussin, potatoes and garlic dip.  Absolutely amazing and promise you've never tasted poultry like it, pic below.

The restaurant seats around 20 people so you do need to book ahead - and has one large table perfect for a gathering.  It feels very intimate, and a million miles away from the busy streets of London.  Places like this make me feel proud to live in the area - there is nothing I love more than to take a friend here, I've never failed to make them 'mmmmm' and 'ahhhh' over their food!

Also great for breakfasts and lunches, but do ring ahead as they have temperamental opening hours!  They have a fantastic range of gourmet baby food - I'm talking lamb shank and potatoes in a jar... And egg-less ice cream.  Amoul will also show her face, and is more than happy to talk about the food and give you some home cooking tips.  Make sure you go, but don't tell anyone how good it is - we like that it's a little secret!  Price wise, for 3 course and wine for 2 people it would be between £50 and £60.

So, overall our survey says: 

Style: 9
Service: 9 
Pricing: 8
Taste: 10
Fun Factor: 8

Total: 44/50

Book here: Amouls 14 Formosa St, Little Venice, 0207 328 6626

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